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Master’s Degree with a major in Political Science

This Master’s program is a general one, intended to develop a broad familiarity with the concepts, methods, and findings of political science. Students are encouraged to distribute their course work over the various fields, while at the same time focusing their major effort on those areas that fit their career plans. Hours taken outside the Department can be used to develop specific professional skills. Course work in areas such as public administration or statistics may prove beneficial. While the Ph.D. program is considered preparation for a particular profession, the Master’s is not so explicitly aimed. Individual students define for themselves what knowledge and skills they expect to develop during their Master’s work. Students admitted at the Master’s level but intending ultimately to complete the Ph.D. program should plan their course work accordingly. It is possible to take a set of courses that will simultaneously fulfill the Master’s requirements and constitute normal progress toward the Ph.D.

Students pursing a Master’s degree under the non-thesis option must complete 33 hours of course work; with a thesis, 30 hours are required, up to 6 of which may be thesis hours. All Master’s candidates must complete two core seminars and the first two courses in the methods sequence (POS5736 and POS5737). Additional details about requirements can be found in the Graduate Handbook. Master’s candidates may take up to 9 hours outside the Department. Up to 6 hours may be transferred from another institution if they were not already used to obtain a Master’s degree.

The Department does not generally admit into the Master's degree program directly; rather, the MS degree is generally earned in progress toward the Doctoral degree. Applicants seeking to enter the Master's program in Political Science (as opposed to the Applied American Politics and Policy Program) should contact the Graduate Admissions Director, Dr. Brad Gomez (bgomez@fsu.edu), for assistance and to declare this intention.

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