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Charles Barrilleaux

Leroy Collins Professor and Department Chair

Tel:850 320 7842
Office: 531 Bellamy Building
Email: cbarrilleaux@fsu.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton, 1985. Major research interests are in state politics, policy and administration.

Research Agenda:

My primary areas of interest are in public policy and U.S. state and local government and politics. My research addresses questions of “who gets what” in politics, focusing on the effects of democratic rules and citizen preferences as explanations for the differences we observe among democracies. Recent papers focus on the interplay between governors and legislatures for control of the state budget, on the interaction of electoral competition and legislative party strength as an influence on the generosity of redistributive policies, and on the causes of variations in the shape of income distributions in the states. Current projects involve the development of an improved test of the effects of electoral threat on legislative redistributive decisions, a study of state government efforts to reduce health uninsurance, a study of the effects of democracy provisions of homeowner association rules on the price of housing, and experiments designed to develop better understandings of why people choose to redistribute.

Undergraduate Courses:

POS3713: Understanding Political Science Research
POS3321: State Government and Politics
POS3142: Urban Politics

Graduate Courses:

POS5036: Urban Politics and Policy
POS5737: Political Science Data Analysis
POS5127: Seminar in State Politics