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Eric A. Coleman

Assistant Professor

Tel: 850.644.4540
Office: 543 Bellamy Building
Email: ecoleman@fsu.edu
Website: http://myweb.fsu.edu/ecoleman/

Curriculum Vitae


I received my PhD in Public Policy from Indiana University through the epartment of Political Science and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Throughout my stay in Indiana I was affiliated with the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and the International Forestry Resources and Institutions program. I received a Masters degree in Economics and Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Utah State University.

Research Agenda:

I am interested in collective action in common pool resource management throughout the world. I use experimental and quantitative methods to analyze the propensity of groups of people to successfully manage resources such as forests and rivers. I have a particular interest in applications from developing countries and have worked on projects in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, and Uganda.

Undergraduate Courses:

PUP 4203: Policy Analysis
PUP 4008: Environmental Politics and Policy