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Brad T. Gomez

Associate Professor

Tel: 850.644.7303
Office: 536 Bellamy Building
Email: bgomez@fsu.edu
Website: http://myweb.fsu.edu/bgomez

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Duke University, 1999. M.A. University of New Orleans, 1993. B.A. University of New Orleans, 1992. Principal research and teaching interests are in the area of American politics, with particular interest in public opinion, political psychology, and the United States Congress.

Research Agenda:

Dr. Gomez's research focuses on how individuals--both at the mass and elite levels--utilize information in constructing their political decisions. He has published several works on how political sophistication conditions a citizen's ability to attribute responsibility (credit or blame) for governmental action, and he is currently completing a book manuscript on this topic. He is also working on other projects, including an investigation into how members of Congress incorporate the publicly announced positions of their colleagues into their vote decisions, as well as a study of how increasing levels of educational attainment in the U.S. have affected voter turnout.

Undergraduate Courses:

POS 3204 Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
POS 4424 Legislative Systems