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Robert Jackson


Tel: 850.644.7307
Office: 539 Bellamy Building
Email: rjackson@garnet.acns.fsu.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph. D., Indiana University, 1994. Principal research and teaching interests include political participation, voting behavior, and U.S. elections.

Research Agenda:

Much of my research focuses on electoral participation in the United States. Recently, I have relied on WiscAds data to examine how TV advertising in Senate campaigns influences individual turnout in Senate elections and have also conducted a study that revisits the influence of campaign tone on participation in Senate elections. Moving beyond voter turnout, I have completed another study, also relying on WiscAds data, which assesses whether negative TV advertisements produce corrosive effects on a wide variety of mass attitudes. Treating candidates’ TV advertising decisions as something to be explained, another line of research develops and tests a dynamic theory of candidate interaction during campaigns. Finally, another stream of research examines the political-connectedness of Latinos. Capturing connectedness via a series of dependent variables, one study assesses the implications of the institution of dual nationality among first generation Latino immigrants.

Undergraduate Courses:

POS 4413: American Presidency
POS 3931: Voting Behavior, Campaigns, and Elections
ISS 2937: Honors Seminar on Voting Behavior, Campaigns, and Elections

Graduate Courses:

POS 5045: Core Seminar on American Politics
POS 5277: Electoral Politics