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Holger Lutz Kern

Assistant Professor

Office: 541 Bellamy Building
Email: hkern@fsu.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2008. Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University, 2008-2011. Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of South Carolina, 2011-2013.

Research Agenda:

My main research areas are comparative politics and quantitative methodology. In comparative politics, my research interests focus on political behavior, with particular emphasis on voting behavior and representation, the politics of authoritarian regimes, democratization, mass media, and collective action. In quantitative methodology, I'm interested in research design and causal inference in field experiments and observational studies.

My current research (most of it joint work with various co-authors) investigates ways to generalize experimental impact estimates to target samples and the use of double sampling designs in combination with worst case bounds to address missing outcome data in randomized experiments. Substantively, I work on protest diffusion and media effects during the 1953 uprising and the 1989 revolution in communist East Germany. I also conduct field experiments to study political representation and private censorship. My past research includes work on the effects of West German television on regime legitimacy and collective action in East Germany, voting behavior in Germany and Great Britain, the specification of regression-discontinuity designs, efficient estimators for field experiments with non-compliance, and treatment effect heterogeneity in randomized experiments.

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Graduate Courses:

Methods III Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Methods IV Causal Inference