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Ph.D. Alumni

With alumni in professional positions on University faculty and in various government and research agencies in over twenty states and several foreign countries, the Department is well represented in the discipline. Most students in the doctoral program expect to pursue a career as part of a university faculty. The Department provides information on available positions, assists in the development of a placement file, and sends that file to institutions that are recruiting faculty. Our students have a strong record of obtaining positions; some at major research universities, some at smaller colleges and universities that emphasize undergraduate teaching, others in the private sector or government. Many of our graduates are listed below with the year of their degree and their current place of employment.

Job Placements

: As of Fall 2012

Year Name Area Initial Placement Current Placement
2013 Jacob Ausderan IR Tulane University (visiting) Arkansas State University
Travis Braidwood American Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Scott Clifford American Duke University (Post-Doc) University of Houston
2012 Danny Hill IR University of Georgia
  Daniel Milton IR Arkansas State University U.S. Military Academy - West Point
  Sunhee Park IR Central European University
  Meredith Whiteman Policy Charter Schools USA
  Jessica Ice(Herwat) Policy West Virginia University
Institute for Labor Studies and Research
Andreas Beger IR Duke University Post-Doc
2011 Justin Conrad IR UNC-Charlotte
Ben Gaskins AP Gardner-Webb University Lewis and Clark College
2010 Courtenay Ryals Conrad IR UC - Merced UNC-Charlotte
Greg Goelzhauser American  Coastal Carolina Utah State University
Daniel Scheller Policy Western Kentucky University New Mexico State
James P. Nelson American  UT - Pan American Lamar University
Sally Anderson IR Univ. South Florida
Hong-Cheol Kim IR Republic of Korea Air Force
Jeffrey Weber IR Trinity College Dublin
Elizabeth Nyman IR FSU Geography Post-Doc University of Louisiana-Lafatette
2009 Jackie H.R. DeMerrit IR University of North Texas
Melissa Neal American  Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Robert Parrillo IR Auburn-Montgomery Full Sail University
Woojin Kang Comparative Angelo State University
Soo Hyun Jung Policy Yonsei University (South Korea) Post-Doc  
2008 Justin Esarey Policy/Methods Emory University Rice University
Joseph K. Young IR/Comparative Southern Illinois University American University
Faruk Ekmekci IR  Illinois Wesleyan University University of Trabzon (Turkey)
2007 Cindy Rugeley American/Policy  Texas Tech University
Joel Turner American  Western Kentucky University
William Davis IR/Comparative Walsh University
Glynn Ellis IR  Georgia Southern University
Nicholas Charron IR Goteborg University (Sweden)
Christina Fattore IR West Virginia University
2006 Ramiro Berardo Policy University of Arizona
Joohyun Kang Policy Sookmyung Women's University (South Korea)
Shunta Matsumoto American  Meijo University (Japan)
Emilia Powell IR/Comparative Georgia Southern University of Notre Dame
Marc Pape IR Dickinson College
Mike Allison IR University of Scranton
Christopher Lewis American  Haas Center, University of West Florida
2005 Mary Anderson American University of Memphis University of Tampa
Sabri Ciftci IR Kansas State University
Kursad Turan IR Baskent University (Turkey)
Brad Kile Policy Kile Consulting
William R. Bowen, Jr. Policy/American Pensacola Christian College
2004 Andrew Long IR University of Mississippi Kansas State University
Carl Dasse Policy Legislative Staff, Florida House
2003 Stephen M. Shellman IR College of William & Mary
Jun Young Choi American Inha University, Inchon (South Korea)
Clifton Sherrill IR Mississippi College
2002 Ethan Bernick Policy University of Illinois-Springfield Kansas State University
Thomas E. Sowers IR Lamar University
John Vanzo Comparative Bainbridge College
Robert A. Hart, Jr. IR Univ. North Texas Harris Interactive
Scot Schraufnagel American/Policy University of Central Florida Northern Illinois
Wartyna Davis Policy/American William Paterson University
Petia Kostadinova IR University of Florida
2001 Belinda C. Davis Policy Michigan State University Louisiana State University
Thomas F. Brezenski IR St. Thomas University
2000 Tatiana Kostadinova Comparative Minnesota-Duluth Florida International University
John Tures IR La Grange College
Arnold Lewis American College of Wooster William Paterson University
Scott Lamothe Policy University of Nebraska University of Oklahoma
1999 David Clark IR University of Iowa Binghamton University
Marc Turetzky IR Gavilan College
James Corey Policy High Point University
Don Smith Policy University of North Texas
1998 Richard Fording Policy University of Kentucky
Joseph D. Eyerman IR Research Triangle Institute
Laura Langer American/Policy Washington State University University of Arizona
Quan Li IR Pennsylvania State University Texas A&M University
William Reed IR Michigan State University University of Maryland
Jeffrey Yates American/Policy University of Georgia Binghamton University
1997 Aubrey Jewett American/Policy University of Central Florida
Eric Prier American Florida Atlantic University
1996 Jean-Sebastien Rioux IR Laval University (Quebec) University of Calgary (Canada)
James Ciotti IR
Mark Padgett IR Duke University (ROTC)
Jeffrey Ling IR Iowa State University Evergreen Solutions, LLC
1995 Carol Glen IR Valdosta State University
Hyeon-Joong Shin Comparative Chonnam Natl U (South Korea)
Kevin Wang IR Urban Institute - Washington DC Research Triangle Institute
Erick Highum IR University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Debra Munro Comparative
Lui Hebron IR California Maritime Academy, California State University
1994 Frank Trapp Policy Methodist College
Hyun Jang Comparative
Noh Soon Chang IR
Patricia Morris IR Purdue
1993 Mi Yung Yoon IR Hanover College
1992 Edward DeClair IR/Comparative Lynchburg College
Robert Wells IR University of New Orleans Thiel College (PA)
Abdullah Al-Ghamdi Comparative
Saud Al-Otaibi Comparative
1991 Chinsoo Bae IR Korean Research Institute for Military Affairs
Roy Dawes American Southwestern Louisiana Gettysburg College
James Decker American Macon State College
Scott Hays Policy University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Eimad Houry Comparative Mercer College
Salvatore Lombardo American/Policy Siena College
P. S. Ruckman, Jr. American/Policy Northern Illinois Rock Valley College
Gawdat Baghat Comparative
James Frederick McMichael American
1990 Mihalis Halkides Comparative Krassacopoulos (Greece)
Huo-Yan Shyu Comparative Academic Sinica (Taiwan)
Nelson Easterling American Florida Senate Staff
Chris Bourdouvalis Comparative
1989 Kenneth Christie Comparative University of Bergen (Norway)
Craig Emmert American Texas Tech University
Robert Rohrschneider Comparative Indiana University University of Kansas
Yusen Liu Comparative
Aie-Rie Lee Comparative Texas Tech University
Hasan Johar Comparative
1988 Carol Ann Traut American South Dakota Univ of Texas - Permian Basin
Amjad E. Haddad Comparative Jordan University (Jordan)
Ayse Tuna Comparative Bilkent Univ (Turkey)
Richard Blanco Comparative University of Puerto Rico
Mohammed Arab Comparative
1987 Stephanie Larson American Dickinson College
Genie Stowers American San Francisco State University
William R. Fleming Policy
1986 Keith Nicholls American Arizona State University of South Alabama
Ebere Onwudiwe IR Central State University (Ohio)
Suzanne Parker American FSU Purdue University
Barbara White Policy University of Texas, Austin
Jonah Ekpenyong Comparative
Nancy Lea Ross American State of Florida
William Ruefle American Wisconsin-LaCrosse Univ. South Florida
1985 Theodore Davis American University of Mississippi University of Delaware
Robert Brown Comparative Troy State University
Krisada Suthanintr Comparative
Abdullah Samardar IR
1984 Robert Duval IR/Methods West Virginia University
Karl Schultz Political Theory Dept of Revenue, State of FL
Abdelrahma Al-Hegelan Comparative
Harry Shallcross IR
Nickolas Limberes Comparative
Ali Mivechi Comparative
1983 L. Gary Zuk IR Clemson
George W. Pruet American University of New Orleans
Charles Windler American Broward Community College
Matthew DeZee American Defense Systems, Inc. Cisco Systems
Stephen K. Foster Policy
1982 William Taggart Policy New Mexico State University
Paul Lopatto American CBS News Survey Unit Budget Office, City of New York
Mohammed S. Al-Ghamdi Comparative
Douglas McIntyre American
Dorothy Davidson Nesbit  American Oklahoma
Gamal Perez-Santiago IR
John Burt, Jr. American FSU
Ernie Litz American/Policy State of Florida
1981 Karen Rasler IR Indiana University
Chaichana Ingavata Comparative
Jayme Kaniss American Catawba College
Kenneth Mitchell Policy
Suliman Shadukhi Comparative
Mohamad Aizli-Bigdeli Comparative
Syrous Abbassi Comparative
Barrie Edward Blunt Policy University of Maine-Orono
Adam Azzain Mohammed Comparative
Martin Thompson American
1980 Diana DiNitto Policy University of Texas, Austin
Antoine Chaibane IR
Byung-Chin Kim Comparative
James Renick Policy University of West Florida American Council on Education
Paul Kadlec Policy
Lance Brouthers American University of North Texas UT-El Paso
Mima Nedelcovych Comparative Schaffner Global Group
Larry Wright Comparative
Ibrahim F. Al-Ghofaily Comparative
Hilal Khashan Comparative
1979 Kent Portney Policy Tufts
Cesar Marcello Baquero Comparative Fed. Univ. of Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil
Kwang-Mo Koo Policy
Andrew Fogarty American CSX Corporation
James Nathan Cole Policy
Edmund Sokari George Comparative U. Science and Technology, Nigeria
David Rapkin Comparative/IR University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1978 Laurie Eckert Ekstrand Policy
Hae Shik Kim Comparative
Darwin Bruce Gamble Policy Arkansas State University Florida OPPAGA
James Benton American University of South Florida
Ghassan Raad IR
1977 Marilyn Dantico American Illinois-Chicago Arizona State University
Michael McDonald American University of New Orleans Binghamton University
Emma Jackson  IR
James Ammons Policy Florida A&M University
Michael Colella Policy
Corey Schou IR
Ahmed Dia IR
Theodore Robinson American
Thomas Russell Davies IR
1976 Henry Sirgo American McNeese State University
Alice Titus American University of Nevada at Las Vegas US House of Representatives
John Franklin Whitehouse
Elaine Johansen University of Connecticut
Peter Fannon Policy
William A. Eckert Policy Arthur D. Little and Co.
Gilbert Bergquist IR FL Dept of Community Affairs Institute of Science and Public Affairs, FSU
1975 Susan MacManus American/Policy Univ. of Houston University of South Florida
Carol Cassel American University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Stanley Richard Freedman American Office of Statistical Standards, Energy Information Administration
Jon Siew Tien Quah Comparative National University of Singapore
Karl Dixon Comparative
David Barton Hill American Kansas State University Hill Research Associates, TX
Thomas Lane Hurley Policy University of Alabama
Edward Glenn Weston  American University of Florida
Omar Fathaly Comparative
Willie Earl Johnson Policy
Darryl Paulson American USF-St. Petersburg
Moon Cho Rhee IR
Alan Trachten Theory
Donald Tryman (D) American Texas Southern University Mississippi State University
1974 William A.P. Thompson Comparative Bishop College
Prasan Wongyai Comparative
Eugene Declercq Comparative Boston University School of Public Health
Neuman Frank Pollack Policy
Dwight Francis Davis Florida Auditor General
1973 Soud Abdel A. Ramadan Comparative
Nancy Joyner IR University of Virginia
Robert J. Leonard Policy
John W. Pickering American Lamar University Senior Executive Institute, UVa
Phillip Roeder Policy University of Kentucky
James F. Sheffield  Policy University of New Orleans University of Oklahoma
1972 Harold Edward Albert Policy
Leonard Douglas Dobson American
Michael Worman American
Terry J. Edwards
Bruce Lawrence Kessler American/Policy
Khalil A. Nakib Comparative
Wanki Paik Comparative
1971 Richard Finnegan Comparative Stonehill College
Charles N. Brownstein American
John Armando Garcia
William Gary Howard American
William Paul Collins Policy
1970 Frank Scioli American National Science Foundation
Daniel Fleitas American UNC-Charlotte
Rafael A. Lecuona Comparative TAMU-International
Thomas J. Price Comparative Florida Atlantic University UT-El Paso 
Richard W. Griffin Policy Ferris State University
Boyd Lee Lanier Comparative Lamar University
Daniel O. Vaughn Policy
David H. Vomacka
Thomas H. Kiefer American
Stephen I. Levine American
Peter Flaum Policy
1969 Manohar Lal Gupta Comparative
Thomas J. Cook
David S. Lindsay American
Thomas H. Roback
Talib Abbas Al-Tabatabai Comparative
1968 Syng Ek Moon Theory
H. Fred Vetter Policy University of Kentucky
1967 Parris N. Glendening American University of Maryland
Makoto Takizawa IR
Herbert Stephens American
Galen Arnold Irwin
Walton Harrison Owens
1966 Chee Soon Ahn Theory
William Edward Coyle American
Thomas C. Laughlin American
Mary Kathryn Lepper IR
Jimmie William Stevens American
David Franklin Dickson American
Roald Y. Mykkeltvedt American
1965 Weldon Vernon Barton American
Charles Wythe Dunn American
Byung Koo Pak IR
Roger Marvin Nichols American
Hugh Stephen Whitaker American
1961 Anne Estelle Kelley American
1957 Raul de Guzman Y Policarpio American/Comparative