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Departmental Colloquia

Fall 2003 Schedule

Fri 12 Sep, 3:30: Bob Jackson, FSU. "Revisiting the Influence of Campaign Tone on Turnout in Senate Elections." co-authored with Jason Sides. BEL 532.

Fri 19 Sep, 3:30: "Practicing Democratic Community Norms: Third Party Conflict Management and Successful Settlements." Sara McLaughlin Mitchell (FSU), Kelly M. Kadera (University of Iowa), and Mark Crescenzi (University of North Carolina). BEL 532.

Fri 26 Sep, 3:30: Charles Barrilleaux, FSU, & Michael Berkman, Penn State. "Do Governors Matter? Budgeting Rules and the Politics of State Policy Making." BEL 532.

Fri 3 Oct, 3:30: T.K. Ahn, FSU, "Adaptation vs. Anticipation in Public Good Games." BEL 532.

Fri 10 Oct, 3:30: Mark Souva, FSU, "An Electoral and Institutional Explanation of Partisanship in Congressional Foreign Policy." BEL 532.

Fri 17 Oct, 3:30: Rafael Reuveny, Indiana University. "Easter Island: the Failure of Institutions." BEL 532.

Fri 24 Oct, 3:30: Christina Fattore, FSU, "Another Unified Model: Critical Events and Government Termination." BEL 532.

Fri 31 Oct, 3:30: Tia Stokes, University of Maryland, "Candidate Race and Campaign Strategies in State Legislative Elections." BEL 532.

Mon 3 Nov, 3:30: Andrea McAtee, University of North Carolina, "An Environmental Theory of Party Organization." BEL 532.

Fri 7 Nov, 3:30: Eileen Braman, Ohio State University, "Mechanism of Motivated Reasoning?: Analogical Perception in Legal Decision-Making." BEL 532.

Fri 14 Nov, 3:30: Jenny Wolak, University of North Carolina "Motivation, Context, and the Mechanisms of Campaign Learning." BEL 532.

Mon 17 Nov, 3:30: Cherie Maestas, Texas Tech University, "Hankering for a House Seat? Institutions, Ambitions, and the Decision to Run for the U.S. House." BEL 532.

Wed 19 Nov, 3:30: Mark Lubell, University of California, Davis, "Institutions and the Evolution of Cooperation: An Agent-Based Model." BEL 532.

Fri 5 Dec, 3:30: Ramiro Berardo, FSU. Title TBA. BEL 532.