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Departmental Colloquia

Fall 2004 Schedule

Below is the list of events scheduled for this semester. Check here often for updates.

Friday, Aug. 27
3:30, BEL 532: Graduate Student Meeting

Friday, Sept. 3
APSA -- No Event

Friday, Sept. 10
3:30, BEL 532: Tom Carsey, "Changing Sides or Changing Minds? Party Conversion, Issue Conversion, and Partisan Change on the Abortion Issue"

Friday, Sept. 17
3:30, BEL 532: Bob Jackson, Title TBA

Friday, Sept. 24
3:30, BEL 532: TK Ahn, Title TBA

Friday, Oct. 1
3:00, Broad Auditorium (Pepper Center). Wade Hopping, "The Politics of the Evolution of Business and Environmental Regulation in Florida."

Friday, Oct. 8
3:30, BEL 532: Bill Berry, "Testing a Theory of Interstate Influence over Public Policy: Using Spatial Analysis with GIS Technology."


All talks are scheduled for the PS conference room, Bellamy 532.

Friday, 10/22 @ 3:30
Matthew Golder (Ph.D., NYU)
"Presidential Elections and Legislative Fragmentation'"
Link to paper: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~mrg217/ajps.pdf

Monday, 10/25 @ 3:30
Sona Golder (Ph.D., NYU)
"The Logic of Pre-Electoral Coalition Formation"

Friday, 10/29 @ 3:30
Margit Tavits (Ph.D., Pittsburgh)
"Party Systems in the Making: The Emergence
and Success of New Parties in Eastern Europe"

Tuesday, 11/02 @ 3:00
Monika Nalepa (ABD, Columbia)
"Why post-communists punish themselves:
A model of transitional justice legislation"

Friday, 11/05 @ 3:30
Sean Ehrlich (Ph.D., Michigan)
"Access to Protection: Domestic Institutions and Trade Policy in Democracies"

Monday, 11/08 @ 3:30
Stephanie Rickard (ABD, UCSD)
"Asset specificity, domestic institutions and policy choice: Explaining the form of compensatory policies."

Wednesday, 11/17 @ 3:30
Jana von Stein (ABD, UCLA)
"Making Promises, Keeping Promises: Democracy, Ratification and Compliance in International Human Rights Law."