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Fall 2006 Schedule

Below is the list of events scheduled for this semester. Check here often for updates.

Fri 1 Sept: No meeting due to APSA conference.

Fri 8 Sept: No meeting due to Faculty Meeting.

Fri 15 Sept: Justin Esarey (Poli-Sci, FSU) & Bumba Mukherjee (Princeton, Notre
Dame) with Will H. Moore (Poli-Sci, FSU)
"Bayesian Estimation of Incomplete Information Games with Learning." | Link to Paper

Fri 22 Sept: John Braswell, Office of Distributed and Distance Learning, FSU.

Fri 29 Sept: Mark Souva (Poli-Sci, FSU)

Fri 6 Oct: Sona Golder, Ozge Kemalioglu & Jason Barabas (Poli-Sci, FSU)
Roundtable: Entering the Job Market

Fri 13 Oct: Bill Berry & Jackie Rubin (Poli-Sci, FSU)
"Estimating Models with Binary Dependent Variables" | Link to Paper

Fri 20 Oct: Bill Clark (Poli-Sci Michigan), Sona Golder & Matt Golder (Poli-Sci FSU)
"Exit, Voice & Loyalty Revisited" | Link to Paper

Fri 27 Oct: Mike Lynch (Wash U)
"Modeling Legislative Outcomes: Assessing the Impact of Rules and Preferences."
Link to Papers: Paper 1 | Paper 2

Mon 30 Oct, 10:30 AM: Cheryl Boudreau (UCSD)
"When Do Simple Cues Make Citizens Smart?" | Link to Paper

Mon 6 Nov, 10:30 AM: Betsy Sinclair (CalTech)
"What Makes a Democrat Vote Like a Republican? Political Networks and Contextual Effects" | Link to Paper

Fri 10 Nov: Jason Barabas (Poli-Sci, FSU)
"Measuring Democratic Responsiveness."

Fri 17 Nov: Jennifer Jerit (Poli-Sci, FSU)
"Issue Publics, News Interest, and the Information Environment."

Fri 24 Nov: Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon 27 Nov,10:30 AM: Cliff Carrubba (Poli-Sci Emory)

Wed 29 Nov: Harvey Palmer (Poli-Sci, Mississippi)
"Heterogeneity in the Impact of Black Empowerment."
Link to Paper

Fri 1 Dec: Skip Lupia (Political Science, University of Michigan)
"When Can Politicians Scare Citizens into Supporting Bad Policies? A Theory of Incentives with Fear-Based Content"
Link to Paper

Fri 8 Dec: Jeff Jenkins

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