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Funded Research Projects


Jerit, Jennifer and Jason Barabas. "Studying Media Effects with a New Approach and Improved Data." National Science Foundation (SES-0818583), 2008-2010

Scholz, John and TK Ahn. "Information or Credibility? Policy Networks and the Evolution of Cooperation" National Science Foundation. 2005 - 2008

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Kim, HeeMin "Building Measures of Ideology and Democratic Performance in Western Democracies." National Science Foundation, February 2003 through January 2004.

Feiock, Richard C. and Annette Steinacker. "A Strategic Approach to Local Economic Development," National Science Foundation, September 2002- August 2004.

Hensel, Paul and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell. "Bones of Contention: Territorial, Maritime and River Issues," National Science Foundation, July 2002 through June 2004.

Scholz, John and Cheng-lung Wang. "Policy Networks and Federal Enforcement: Do Local Networks Enhance NPDES Enforcement?" National Science Foundation, June 2002 through May 2004.

Berry, William D. and Thomas M. Carsey. "Cleaning ICPSR's State Legislative Election Returns Data and an Application to the Study of Repeat Challengers." National Science Foundation, March 2002 - April 2003.

Stone, Walter, L. Sandy Maisel, Cherie D. Maestas “Competition and Citizen Involvement in U.S. House Elections” Carnegie Corporation 2001-2004

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Hensel, Paul R. and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell. "Freshwater and Maritime Issues in World Politics," National Science Foundation, January 2001 - December 2001.

Hensel, Paul R. "Collaborative Research on Updating the Militarized Interstate Dispute Data Set," National Science Foundation, July 2000 - June 2002.

Ph.D. Alumni:

Ethan M. Bernick. "The Politics of States' Medicaid Managed Care: 1981- 1998," National Science Foundation, January 2001 - December 2001 (C. Barrilleaux).

Scott LaMothe. "Innovation and Change of Workplace Drug Testing Policy in the American States" National Science Foundation, March 2000 - February 2001 (W.D. Berry).

Laura Langer. "State Supreme Courts and Countermajoritarian Behavior," National Science Foundation, June 1997 - June 1998 (C. Barrilleaux).

Andrew G. Long. "Rational Expectations, International Trade, and Interstate Conflict," National Science Foundation, January 2003 - December 2003 (W.H. Moore).

William Reed. The Empirical and Theoretical Significance of the International Status Quo," National Science Foundation, February 1998 - January 1999 (E.J. Ringquist).

Stephen M. Shellman. "A Theory and a Model of State-Dissident Interactions," National Science Foundation, July 2002 - June 2003 (W.H. Moore).