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Spring 2007 Schedule

Below is the list of events scheduled for this semester. Meetings begin at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted, and are held in the 5th floor conference room. Check here often for updates.

Mon. Jan. 8: Sean Gailmard, Northwestern University
"Moral Bias in Large Elections: Theory and Experimental Evidence"
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Friday , Jan. 12: Dr. Bonnie Armstrong, Center for Assessment and Testing, FSU.
"Using Multiple Choice Tests to Assess Critical Thinking Skills."

Friday , Jan. 19: Charles Shipan, University of Michigan
"Local Antismoking Laws and the Mechanisms of Policy Diffusion"
Broad Conference room in the Pepper Building

Friday , Jan. 26: Atiya Stokes-Brown & Melissa Neal, FSU
"The Politics of Female Empowerment: Candidate Gender, Campaign Issues, and Political Engagement" | Link to paper

Friday , Feb. 2: Will Moore, FSU
"The Puzzle of Abu Ghraib: Are Democratic Institutions a Palliative or a Panacea?"
[with Christian Davenport (Russell Sage Fndtn & U of Maryland) and Dave Armstrong (Oxford)]

Friday , Feb. 9
: Jim Alt, Harvard University
"The Political Economy of Accountability" | Link to Paper

Wed., Feb. 14: Mark Lubell, University of California, Davis
"Familiarity Breeds Trust: Collective Action in a Policy Domain"
12:00 PM

Friday., Feb. 16:Meeting with Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies Directors

Friday , Feb. 23: Jens Grosser, Princeton University
"Candidates, Voters, and Endogenous Group Formation: An Experimental Study" | Link to Paper

Friday, Mar 2: Eric Dickson, NYU,
"Do Participants and Observers Assess Intentions Differently
During Bargaining and Conflict? An Experiment" | Link to Paper

Friday , Mar. 9: Spring Break

Friday , Mar 16: Sean Ehrlich, FSU
"Is Fair Trade Just Protectionism in Disguise?" | Link to Paper

Friday , Mar 23
: John Carey, Dartmouth College
"The Primary Elections ‘Bonus’ in Latin America" | Link to Paper

Friday , Mar 30: Jane Junn, Rutgers University
"Asian Pride or Ambiguous Identities? Immigration Policy and the Construction of Racial Political Identity." | Link to Paper

Friday, Apr. 6: Ray Block, FSU
"Title TBA"

Monday, Apr. 9: 1st Year Paper Presentations
3:30-5:30 PM

3:30 Jessie Herwat
4:00 Jun Koga
4:30 Emily Meyer
5:00 Benny Brown

Tuesday, Apr. 10: 1st Year Paper Presentations
11:30 AM-2:30 PM

11:30 Chungshik Moon
12:00 Marius Radean
12:30 Jesse Johnson
1:00 Danny Hill
1:30 Ryan Shirah
2:00 Ben Gaskins

Wednesday, Apr. 11: 1st Year Paper Presentations
3:30-5:00 PM

3:30 Daehee Bak
4:00 Kate Bowman
4:30 Thomas Croom

Tuesday, May 15: Brad T. Gomez. "Help Us, Please! Attributions of Governmental Responsibility in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina" | Link to Paper

11:00 - 12:30 Talk
12:30 - 1:00 Meeting with grad students

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