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Spring 2008 Schedule

Below is the list of events scheduled for this semester. Meetings begin at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted, and are held in the 5th floor conference room. Check here often for updates.

Fri. Jan. 18: Cherie Maestas, FSU, “Storm of Emotions: Heterogeneous Attributions Following Hurricane Katrina"

Fri. Jan. 25: TBA

Fri. Feb. 8: Michael Laver, NYU

Fri. Feb. 15: BEL 203, John Scholz, FSU (joint with Geography) | Link to Paper

Fri. Feb 22: (social dilemmas conference) (Thomas Dye symposium)

Fri. Feb. 29: Rick Lau, Rutgers

Mon. Mar. 3: 12 PM, Rebecca Morton, NYU, "Reaping Political Benefits: Local Implementation of State and Federal Election Law" | Link to Paper

Wed. March 5: 12 PM, Dino Falaschetti, FSU School of Law,
"Democratic Governance and Economic Performance: How Accountability can go too far in Politics, Law, and Business"

Fri. March 21: Jen Gandhi, Emory, "Coordination among Opposition Parties in Authoritarian Elections" | Link to Paper

Fri. March 28: Jose Antonio Cheibub, Univ of Illinois-UC

Fri. April 11: Paul Hensel, FSU

Tues. April 15: (tentative) John Zaller, UCLA, title TBA

Fri. April 18: Rick Waterman, University of Kentucky, "The U.S. Supreme Court and the Model of Contingent Discretion" | Link to Paper

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