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Research Intensive Bachelor's Coursework

POS 3713-I Political Analysis
This course covers basic techniques of data analysis, including descriptive and inferential statistics. The goal of the course is to help students understand how to select appropriate statistical techniques for the analytic problems they wish to address, how to carry out their analyses using statistical software, and how to interpret the results of their analyses for both an academic and lay audience. Students taking this course will be required to purchase statisticalsoftware in addition to the textbook.

POS 3930-I Applied Research and Design
This course teaches students to plan and carry out a political research project. Topics include the development of theories and hypotheses about political phenomenon, data collection strategies to test empirical hypotheses, measurement of political phenomenon, how to bolster internal and external validity of a study, and how to communicate results to both an academic and lay audience. Each student will carry out a semester long independent research project.

POS 4941-I Research Internship
Students will be matched with faculty and advanced graduate students to work on research projects through The Center for the Study of Democratic Performance. Students are assigned to various projects based on their interests and skills. Duties of the internships vary by project, and most include assisting scholars with collecting and/or analyzing data and reporting results. Students interning for 3 hours are expected to work approximately 10 hours per week on the project. The internship may be repeated for credit to fulfill the "elective" credit requirement for the RIB program.

Students must select one additional 3 hour course from the following list.

POS 4715 Politics and Theory of Games

POS 3930 Experimental Research Methods

POS 4941-I Research Internship
The internship may be extended for and additional 3 hours (total of 6) to fulfill the elective credit requirement for the RIB program.If the student is assigned for 6 hours during a semester, the expectation is that they will work approximately 20 hours on their research project.

Graduate Level Seminars
Students who complete the research intensive courses may become eligible to take graduate level work prior to completing their Bachelor’s degree. However, admission into a graduate level course must be approved by the professor teaching the course and the Director of the Research Intensive Bachelor’s Program.  Graduate level course hours may be used towards fulfilling the hours for an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree, but not both. Also, be aware that Bright Futures will not cover the full cost of the tuition for a graduate course. It only covers the cost up to the amount of undergraduate tuition.

Directed Independent Study Projects
Students may wish to extend their independent research projects from POS 3930 or begin a new research project under the direction of a faculty member.  A Directed Independent Study may be counted towards fulfilling the Certificate requirements provided the student has obtained approval from the Director of the Research Intensive Bachelor’s Program prior to beginning the course. Generally, to be approved, the DIS should be designed to lead to an independent or co-authored research paper in which the student contributes substantially to the theoretical and empirical content of the work.